About Cup of Voodoo

Cup of Voodoo is the portfolio website for Dan Robert. It was built using various client-side and server-side technologies and is hosted by Host Gator. Typefaces of choice are Fontin and Diavlo.

About Dan

Dan is a front-end web developer living and working in sunny San Diego, CA. As a graduate from Platt College with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts, Dan is currently employed as a developer at Cuker Interactive – an interactive agency in Solana Beach, CA.

In addition to a degree in Media Arts, Dan previously received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology from Western Michigan University. He then made the decision to pursue a degree in Media Arts when he learned of the opportunities to express his creativity in that field, as well as, the ever increasing demands for qualified professionals.

When Dan is not designing or developing, he enjoys reading and experimenting, as well as, surfing, snowboarding, hiking and just being outside in general. He is also addicted to coffee … severely.

Daniel Robert